About Me

I am a cycling enthusiast who wanted something besides constant flat tires on my road bike. I am an avid mountain biker who picked up a vintage Schwinn World Sport to commute to school and to get groceries on. I settled on the World Sport because it was cheap and very bullet proof. The only problem is the bike would pick up flats like nothing else. I used to carry a pump and patches but I would still get stranded on occasion. The thin road bike tires were keeping me from really enjoying my bike and I lacked the confidence to take the long rides that I enjoyed on my mountain bike.

After picking up yet another flat I decided to put down my patch kit and pick up my mouse to find some decent flat-proof tires. Even though my bike wasn’t terribly expensive I wanted some high quality tires because I knew that this was literally where the rubber met the road and that the tires would probably pay for themselves due to my mounting replacement tube costs.

I settled on the Continental GatorSkin tires because they continually showed up as some of the best tires on the market. I’ve put 1000 miles on my bike since installing the GatorSkin tires and I have no had a flat yet. I ride alongside busy streets where a lot of trash, glass, and small rocks collect and I have also road the bike on a lot of dirt roads. The Continental GatorSkin tires continue to impress me to this day so I wanted to make a website to help people get more out of their tires and more importantly, to get more out of the enjoyment of their bicycles.

My Schwinn World Sport