Buyer’s Guide

So perhaps you have decided to purchase a pair Continental GatorSkin tires. If you haven’t, I would check out my review and the additional reviews on Amazon to determine if this is the right tire for you.

Once you have made the decision to buy GatorSkin tires the next step is to determine the best place to buy them. I was in a similar situation over a year ago when I purchased my pair of Continental GatorSkin tires. First I went to my local bike shop. The guys at my bike shop are friendly enough but they didn’t have any flat proof tires for my size wheel (27” x 1.25”) and instead the salesman offered to sell me some tubeless setup. I told him I would think about it.

I ended up on the computer looking for the best place to buy Continental GatorSkin tires. I found some websites in Europe that were selling the tires at the lowest price, however the shipping was expensive and there was some tricky aspects with VAT that involved issuing me refunds and all this other stuff. I ultimately decided to go with a domestic supplier and invariably I ended up choosing Amazon. Amazon makes sense because they always have reasonable prices and when you factor in free shipping and Amazon customer service it’s almost always the best value.

Buy now on sale at Amazon.

After placing my order I was curious to see how they would ship the tires. As you can imagine, they would be awkward to ship without bending (and possibly damaging) the tires. Less than a week later my Continental GatorSkin tires arrived at my door step. Each tire was individually boxed and came in perfect condition (they weren’t folded). I was surprised at how easy they were to install. Since they are reinforced I imagined I would have to wrestle with my wheels to get the tires on. They installed like any normal tire.

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